Saturday, September 16, 2017

Skirt over shirt

Hi guys, autumn is here but the heat is pretty much sticking around for these few days it seems; which means I can still wear something heat beating yet again! yay! Here I'm wearing few of my old collections (seriously nothing new except for the heels). I pretty much own quite numbers of clothes and I seem to forget I have certain stuff unless I dig around my closet (to be really honest here haha).. I know it's such a bad habit thing, but there's no girl who have ever said 'I have enough clothes and shoes and bags and so on'! haha.. oh well, I'm so guilty of being a shopaholic! (who else? raise your hands...haha).  OK! Yesterday me and my sister (yes! she has finally got back!) went out for a small sisters day out and we end up going for such long hours of ride to chelela and FYI there's road maintenance happening on the way to chelela (if you're planning to start early...); so on our way back as always took a chance to take some nice pictures of this outfit I wore; if you follow fashion trends you must have seen bloggers/trendsetters wearing skirts over long shirts and I just fell in love with the style. I hope you guys like this outfit ensemble I wore on my day out with sister and my outfit details are given below as always. AND oh! I just changed my blog's header if you've noticed, I'm planning to bring a lot of good changes to my blog but for now this should do. If you guys have any suggestions on how my blog should be improved in any terms do mail/comment (your ideas would really be know 'two heads are always better than one'! thanks..).
cheers! happy weekend!

 A little self customised flamingo bird patch on my top! In love with flamingo stuff lately.  

 What I'm wearing:
Off shoulder shirt dress: *Bkk
We accept the LOVE we think we Deserve! Cheers!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

DIY two-piece outfit

 Hi guys, finally managed to blog on something very cute that I've been trying to finish up sewing. AND which I'm finally done and nothing feels better than achieving the exact result! YAY! One thing about DIYing my own clothes is I get exactly what I want at the half price off the retail piece from stores. I wanted to make something that pretty much works with my body type and something that relates to my personal taste.  I know I've always used our traditional textile pieces to make up something different, but this time I wanted to go with cotton on cotton to achieve the better product! The type of materials one uses really plays up with the kinda dress one would make and making something from kira pieces would require me to work harder with the adjustments on fits (you feel me?  haha). Either way I have more DIYed outfits coming next so if you wana check out more then do like and comment and follow me on all my given links above.  
OK coming to few details on this two-piece! I made the top into a wrapped up knot style with bell sleeves (I gave the sleeves some river ruffle kinda flow) and made the pant ankle high to suit my height (longer would totally eat up my height and I really needed to avoid that part haha..). This roughly took me few hours and I had few challenges with my measurements but I managed to get everything right (simlessss...). Well FINALLY A NEW SPOT FOR MY BLOG! (I know I have always been pretty laid back with my backdrops.. but I shall try getting interesting with that as well from now onwards..) the shoot was taken at Dochula pass; me and my girl friend had a small picnic day out and a long drive around (totally felt like a much needed day out... I realised I have been homebody for way too long and it's not healthy for me..definitely making more memories...cheers to that!); And this time I don't have my sister around to take pictures of me, but I have been quite lucky having pretty talented siblings around and some awesome friends to help out..and for this particular post I somehow managed to convince my girl friend to take some test shoots (a big thank you to her for the pictures).
So to end this I'm pretty happy with how this small outfit turned out, I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble I did, do let me know how you find this two piece.
Always be happy and Cheers beauties!

Been loving this ruffle heel from charleskeith, they got pretty nice collections. Totally into collecting their collections. 

What I'm wearing:
Two-piece outfit:*SELF (DIY)
Learning to LIVE again...our perspective differs from each-other but what matters is to keep it positive! cheers!...

Friday, September 1, 2017

Floral before the sun goes down

Hello beautiful people again, finally I'm lazying around in my room and I feel like nothing could get any better lol! Gosh more than anything else I know that I have always been one homebody, I could never be more content to be home and do my DIYs rather than you name it! lolz I can literally just sit in my room and work on those mini projects for hours and hours like seriously! And nothing gets any better for me from there... hehe..(There will be more DIYs coming soon...can't wait to share with y'all soon... yay!)
Ok! now we have got this brief life-lazy update off the way! I'm excited to share you today's outfit look i.e on this floral dress that I've recently been keeping on my easy-to/go-to wear outfits list. I just love how fresh this feels and girl! this dress totally screams 'tea party'! Well, rather than flirty floral I went with vintage dressy kinda style, I just love how easy floral dresses are to carry and it can be groundbreaking if you know how to style it.  So let me narrate how I came across this dress (ofcuz I was desperately trying to track down THAT ONE SUMMER FLORAL DRESS...!), I actually got this from one mini beach summer dress shop right across the famous Platinum fashion mall in Bkk, well I just felt like the dress was screaming my name all the way haha (I know sounds crazy), I believe this is just another local designer dress and the quality is pretty fine; it doesn't feel any bad either. So I'm like why not!?  AND plus I got a creamy off-white floral dress as well, I wanted to updated on it before summer ends but I'm pretty tight on my schedules lately (so lets just hope I can.. it's challenging managing time esp when I'm at work..nevertheless I shall post see no season eh?? haha) well, for now this is all I got for my today's outfit post!  Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble and thanks for dropping by.. Cheers!
And oh! my loafer here! Told you I will be rocking it this summer.... for longer time it seems haha... 

What I'm Wearing:
Dress:* local store bkk
Just learn to let things go and you will find peace eventually.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cute Irregular gingham

Hi there ladies, writing this blog 'cuz I got few minutes to spare before I head to work. It feels great knowing my week is coming to an end and I'll have my off days starting tomorrow; like friday should be one lazy day at home (haha) 'cuz seriously working long hours of manual engineering isn't an easy job, there's so much work, challenges, pressures and concentrations taking place, so yea it's sure gonna feel good to be home for next two days away from the sun (so sensitive to sun *sad*)lol. 
AND It's been super hot the afternoons lately? or is it just me? I mean seriously, the afternoons are scorching burning, I can feel my skin burning bad at mid of the days. Bhutan's sun is very bad for our skin, long exposure to sun can really cause premature ageing and even skin cancer. I try applying sunblock every few hours as possible and I would really suggest people in Bhutan to start using sunblock if you aren't using any, (my recommendation would be something containing more than 50++spf with UVA and UVB defence). I have always had issues with my skin for it's very sensitive and ironically I work in such a place where I have to spend 90% of my work time outside, so best solution I can have is cover up the most as possible as I can and use lots and lots of sunblock.

Alright, end of my skincare advice...coming to my outfit post of today! It's basic yet something different I found while helping out my aunt get her much needed tops for herself, I ended up buying myself this gingham printed red irregular top. I fell in love with this very unique design and I just decided to get myself one. So here, I paired it up with my recent purchased rose patched white shorts and my favorite charleskeith nude mule. I think this top is way cute, and the color you can make it from a miles away eh? well, hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble. Cheers!
 I was in a hurry to get this shoots taken, I actually missed out to wrap up my belt for this ootd ensemble :P haha...
 What I'm Wearing:
Count blessings.....counting...

Friday, August 25, 2017

DIY Bhutanese patch denim skirt

Hi guys, finally blogged something I DIYed (If you have been following me on my ig,fb and snapchat you guys probably know that I have been ranting about it for a while.. If you aren't following me on those..I have the links in my blog please do follow and my snap id is chyunidsnaps). This denim Bhutanese patch DIY is something I have been trying to rock this past few weeks and I just love how it turn out to be. I was not sure about the length, normally I would avoid knee length as I'm not that tall but I didn't want to go shorter length either! haha... So, this is the final look of the skirt, I paired it up with my recent purchase plus fav. white tee and slip on mule. I have been loving mules a lot lately, these loafers/mules are go to style for me, I love how comfy and easy it is to wear for everyday look and its not doubt that you guys will be seeing more of this mule in my upcoming outfit posts. I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit I did for today, do check out the pictures for better view! Thanks for dropping by again. xoxo cheers!

What I'm wearing:
Tee:*Milanda Shop
Skirt:*DIY (self)
Glass:*Bkk local store
Face your fears and you will learn and know your own strength! muah..cheers!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Never so wrong for Black Dress

Hi guys, today I decided to blog something little different and feminine. I love how black dresses makes a woman look so elegant and sophisticated. I have been blogging for almost six years and I have always wanted to reach an age where I can totally flaunt a dress and feel that lady in me. Finally I no longer look or feel like that teen age girl haha..Its funny but I have always wanted to grow up fast rather than being stuck clueless (I know theres different perspective with different people, I guess I just happen to be one out of millions to love growing up and getting to know myself better). So coming back to my outfit here, I paired this black lacy dress with my new favourite Jane heel from charleskeith (I have been eyeing on this shoe for a long time, it was out-of-stock (horror news!) when I first tried ordering it online, so I pretty much waited for a week or two to have it restocked. Thanks to my better half who helped me get it sooner than I expected. I hope you guys enjoyed this not so little girl anymore’s outfit ensemble! haha…
thanks for dropping by…do come back for more..esp for my upcoming DIYs.
What I'm wearing:
Always look at the size of their inner heart! I find happiness in someone's heart and mind and soul... cheers!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Gingham versus my cute graphic strawbag

 Hi guys, back again! Told you I'll be back with another design of basket strawbag (this one is not exactly basket straw ones, its kinda made from raw ropes kinda thing but look at those cute little animal graphics on it... cute eh? ). Summer doesn't always have to be for shorts so here I'm with full pants! it's hard to carry jeans in heat so I was like why not cotton based pants for a change! and it works! I love how fresh this feels especially when one gotta be out in the scorching sun for hours. I matched it up with my old collection gingham top (this print is so in this summer...can't get enough of it..), though it's not really off-shoulder I just decided to style it this way according to the current weather. I hope you guys enjoyed this new ensemble today, I shall keep posting up more as when my magical time permits (LOLz) and my outfit details are given below with the pictures as usual.
Have a great time and enjoy..Be happy always..
 What I'm wearing:*
Top:*Bkk local store
Pant:*Old collection
Bag:*Bkk handmade
Be content with your life and you will always be happy! :)