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Saturday, September 24, 2016

bubble and mule

Hi guys, today I decided to do a comfy outfit of the day! I know my consistency has been pretty much broken and I'm totally to be blamed! (sigh!) I have been really occupied with my job and its been really keeping me worked out and exhausted (and all I feel like doing is just REST.)  Well, at least I will try keeping a post a week and Yes! I'm still working on my vlog as promised but I'm so due the date...I will make sure its worth the wait. thank you for holding up on me. Coming to my outfit, I bought this bubble sleeved top on my last visit to bkk (recently) and I find it really cute. I paired it up with my parallel legged pants and charleskeith mule! Hope you guys enjoy my new ensemble I did today and I shall be back with more coming week. Thank you for dropping by and Cheers!
What I'm wearing:
Top:*Bkk local store
Mule shoe:*Charlesandkeith

Someone told me I should always start with positive thoughts.. Cheers!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

comfort with style

 Hi guys, I disappeared again. I'm so guilty of this(sigh~)I have been going through so many personal and professional stuff happening around, just wanted things to get settled for awhile. Hope you guys understand. Today I decided to blog on two of my new favorites. Firstly the chocolate brown bag from charles and keith that I recently purchased, it's been by far my new fav and go to bag almost every outings. And secondly these babouche shoes! I have been noticing babouche shoes a lot with many trend setter, at my first glance I have to be honest I wasn't quite sure about it, But I decided to get one anyways. Well, to my surprise I find it very cute now and I bought another pair too (haha..) and keep looking forward for more. Well hope you guys enjoy this very comfortable outfit ensemble.
Thank you and have a great weekend.

 What I'm wearing:
Pant:*Bkk local store
Good things take time and I have just realized it lately ^_^ Cheers!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

End of summer

Kuzu guys, I decided to blog on this outfit I'm currently wearing. I DIYed this patches on my jean from goechoe tego pieces I had. This Autumn trend alerts are jeans with patches or some embroideries, So I just decided to give some creative touch to my jean (wink*) let me know what you guys think? (smiles). I know it has been long since I last posted a DIY, I hope to finish filming my DIY that I'm currently working on and be active on my new Vlog channel (so please do support and subscribe my youtube channel 'cuz I will be active there soon.) The fact the I'm not a full time blogger.. I always end up behind my planned schedules...So I'm hopeful that you guys will bear the wait. Anyhow, here I'm wearing my very everyday go-to kinda outfit and it's very easy combo and I just love easy everyday wears. Hope you guys enjoy this.. thanks! Cheers!
What I'm wearing:
Oversized Sweater: *HnM
Jean: *Bkk store
Belt: *Bri Bri
Mule Heels: *HnM
Good things starts every day, you just have to give a clear look. Cheers!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

a little bit of sophistication

Hi guys, how's your weekend? I have been meaning to post this outfit for a long time, I try my best to make my blogging consistent but there's always something that comes along my plan haha..hope you guys will understand as I'm not a full time blogger. I just wana finish posting all my pending post that I have in my draft, so that I can carry on with Vlogging and make things blend well between by blog and vlog. And I wanna say thank you for supporting my new Vlog that I have started (if you  haven't seen it yet please do check it and let me know what you think watch here) and hopefully you guys will keep supporting me. I'm planning on doing more videos and if you have any suggestions please let me know... I'm always open to suggestions. I will be uploading more on my DIYs soon and apart from that my travel vlogs will be coming too. Hope you guys will enjoy and subscribe. Thank you.
Here I'm wearing very basic colors and it's pretty sophisticated style. This picture was taken when I had my long brownish hair and the fringe is a wig, I love playing with wig but trying on wigs has always been a challenge for me (to flaunt it perfectly haha.) Anyways I hope you guys like my pick of the day! 
What I'm wearing:
Top: *Bebe
Pant: *Nepal
Heel: *Zara
Earrings:* Pinkpsy

Everything takes time...

Sunday, August 28, 2016

DIY Bow Skirt

Kuzu guys, today it's a long awaited post. I DIYed a simple bow skirt from my unwanted kira and I guess it turned out pretty unique (feels...of small achievement!). I made a bow at the front to give it a little different look to the  whole basic mini skirt thing. So, yea, here I paired my bow skirt with my all time favorite off shoulder HnM top and denim buster. Hope you guys like this mini project I did and keep looking forward for more DIYs I will be posting more along with my other outfit posts. Besides, my short youtube video will be coming this september and I'm super excited yet I feel so naive about the whole Vblogging (Hope you viewers will support me there as well..) And one more thing! I wanted to sell this shoe I'm wearing, I bought it from Aliexpress and I just wore it one time for this shoot (it's new!) So if anyone is interested to buy and wana know the price details do mail me at my facebook  .Thank you for dropping by and cheers!! XOXO

What I'm wearing :
Off shoulder top:* HnM
Buster: *BKK store
Bow Skirt:* DIY
Shoe:* Aliexpress
Universal mind is only accountable to the highest truth!

Friday, August 26, 2016

change in style

Kuzu (Hi) guys, I have a new post today! Before I start talking about today's outfit, just wanna break this new to you that I'll be starting my youtube videos soon, it's all gonna be on fashion/style,beauty, travel. lifestyle and my mini DIY projects (I have been planning on doing it for a very long time but never had enough time and resources to begin it has always been a dream..) Hope everyone will be kind enough for a starter like me haha..  Anyhow, today I'm wearing few of my old collections which I can't seem to get rid of 'cuz I've been embracing these new styles. I have alway changed my styles and this outfit pretty much proves it all. Hope you guys show some love for this new style I did. Have a great start of weekend and party hard! xoxo
What I'm wearing:
Top:*Bkk store
Sling back heels are coming back now, it's time to embrace this style.
It's okay to be NORMAL

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bri it white and blue

Hi guys!! It's wednesday and I have a new post like I promised! Hope you guys like my new outfit combo I did for today. Taking advantage of my early day off today, I'm spending my time playing dress up in my closet (laughs). Well yea! here I'm wearing my bat winged top with my all time favorite ripped jean (surprisingly this jean has been my favorite for a very long time...). With them I'm wearing my flat slip-on (mule kinda), I have noticed mules are making a big hit this summer, I tried purchasing from my favorite brand Charlesandkeith but sadly all of them were out of stock, I have tried Singapore, Thailand and India! (This is one cons for living in place where there ain't any authentic brand malls. but I love my country the way it is.) So after facing with 'out of stock' tags on those mules,  it's no doubt that it's on huge demand in current fashion. If you guys know where I can get my hands on them..please do drop them on comment sections (I would be thrilled to shop more haha...) Besides, here I'm carrying a street-find! yep! D&G bag it's just inspired replica one but I love how standard it looks. And adding to the whole ensemble I'm wearing Zara choker, ever since that Bri Bri belt came to streets, I wanted it so badly haha, and now Zara made that belt to a choker! and I had to buy it! phew! at least this wasn't out of stock (lucky).
Hope you guys enjoyed this ensemble. Thanks for dropping by like always.
Have a great time ahead. xoxo cheers!
 What I'm wearing:
Belt:*Bri Bri
Jean:*Bkk local store
Bag:*Street Find
Just a thought to share: someone told me we women are inferior and that got me really thinking why did he say that? I just wanna lay my thoughts that we women are not inferior and we refuse to be put in that way. Women-Empower!! Cheers!!