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Saturday, July 23, 2016

rainy gloomy day outfit

Kuzu guys, I try blogging every wednesdays and saturdays; it's been going accordingly to my plan and I have been able to keep it consistent for a while..So it's saturday today and I'm here with a new post of the day. It has been raining very heavy lately and the news around the south side of the country is sad, hope everyone is being caution and please avoid traveling until the roads are safe to. Besides be home and be safe wherever you are. Coming back to my post, besides the terrible downpour I manage to take these shots and the weather wasn't that favorable, you can totally make it out how poor my natural lighting is in the pictures. Today I felt like wearing nothing vibrant (guess the weather's taking over my mood wink*) and it's one very comfy style, I'm wearing one of my recent favorite culottes greyish pant with long slit top, and paired them up with my latest purchase HnM boots (aren't those just perfect!?) I just fell in love with these boots and I found them on lucky..haha.. Hope you guys enjoy my outfit pick of the day!! Have fun and be safe everyone.. 
What I'm wearing:
Slit top:*Bebe
Pant:*Bkk store
No matter who you are and where you are, you will always be one of a kind! Cheers!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

affair with off shoulder and culottes

Hey guys, today my outfit is very comfy and different compared to my usual taste. I love culottes pants and off shoulder tops, they have been my favorites lately and I seem to wear more of such styles now days. I don't know how far I'm pulling off this look but I'm loving it...haha. I personally find culottes very comfortable (I literally feel like I'm wearing my PJs yet feeling all stylish!) and its best during summer cuz it doesn't stick to my skin nor it's tight, in-fact it's airy and feels fresh! Loving the feel...haha. Besides, the off shoulder top has been my everyday pick for any outings for this summer, off shoulders are easy to wear and it has got that sexy yet sophisticated style. I think off shoulders are still having their moment in the fashion industries so far especially this summer. So I will be like 'when in doubt wear off shoulders!!' (wink*)
Hope you guys enjoy my outfit ensemble.
What I'm Wearing:
Top:* Bkk local store
Pant:* Mom's gift 
Belt:local store Bkk
Heels:* Charlesandkeith
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

metallic gold skirt

Kuzu guys, how was your saturday? I bet most of you will be going out tonight? ahh well, I'ma homie person, I rather enjoy sitting on my couch and watch some good movies than go out.  My saturday nights are cooking a good meal and have some friends over.  I don't party much infact I have only been twice this year (that too had some conditions) and I don't plan to in future. I felt like I never fit in parties and crowds...haha.. Anyways,, coming to my today's outfit of the day. Its gold metallic skirt, I have always wanted one and finally I got two tones of them. I decided to match it up with my black button up top and high ankle boots from HnM. I bought them boots on sale couple of weeks ago in Bkk and I just loved the wooden part, I thought it was nicely done (what do you think?) besides that the top is something I have owned for few months now and never really tried on. I love the ruffles at the middle and the bell sleeves are just to die for (bell sleeves have been a trend lately and I can't wait to try more of them.). Enjoy the little show from my pics (a Marilyn Monroe inspired part is fun!) Cheers!!! 
What I'm wearing:
Top:*BL bkk store
Happy rainy day! cheers!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

kiss the summer with white

Hi guys, I was out of the country for couple of days so couldn't blog on time. Hope you guys had a great start of July, it's one rainy month here in Bhutan. Well, anyways today I managed to get some time off, so I decided to blog on my recent favorites- replica Dior shoe and Gucci Bag.  I paired them up with my recent purchase white wide top for summer and knee slit irregular hem jean. I wanted all my attention towards my two new babies hence the look of the day! Hope you guys liked my outfit ensemble of the day! Cheers!

What I'm wearing:
Top:SnC Style Korea
Pant:* JJeans
Bag:* Gucci
Shoe:* Christian Dior
The way is always in your heart.. find it and you will never be lost!! Cheers!! xoxo

Saturday, July 2, 2016

DIY shirt with a twist

Kuzu guys, today I'm wearing a casual with a twist! yup! I modified this normal collar shirt to a collarless but one-side shoulder shirt. It was pretty a crazy idea I got after seeing many popular bloggers going for this kinda twisted tops; I wanted to buy one but thought why not try making one instead. So I finally did. It's super easy and simple to make this. Here I paired this with my ankle ripped jeans, slip ons from C&K and Zara bag. I was worried if I can pull it off  but I'm pretty glad I didn't look weird haha..How do you guys like my today's ensemble?
Thanks for stopping by..keep following for more..Cheers!! xoxo
What I'm wearing:*
Top:* Self DIYed 
Jean:* Local store
Slip-On Heels:Charles and Keith
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

DIY Cold Off-shoulder

 Hi guys, its been a long break after my last post. I had my professional side duties to finish up (wink*) so pardon me for this long break. I promised to be consistent with blogging and thank you all for still supporting my blog, it means alot to me. Well, today I'm wearing the cold off-shoulder top that I made, it took me just twenty minutes to finish it. This time I didn't use any Bhutanese textile materials 'cuz I felt woven materials are difficult to wear in summer heat so I went with something light for this top. I'm loving cold off-shoulders and I've been DIYing many more lately. I paired the top with culottes pants, it's got volume so it's very comfortable compared to skinny jeans (you know what I'm mean haha) besides that I couldn't bring myself to chop off my hair, I have always had long locks and my relation to long hair is deep( wink* but we should break this up very soon... hahaha...). Finally the bag! I'm in love with this mini sling bag from Zara, it's been one of my summer favorites and I have been carrying it since I laid my hands on it. That's all forks! Hope you guys like my outfit ensemble! Cheers!

 What I'm Wearing:*
Cold Off-shoulder:Self DIY
Culottes:* Local store
Bag:* Zara
Heels:* Forever21
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Friday, June 17, 2016

give your summer some colors

Hi guys, hope your friday ends well.. so you start your weekend with full of fun and styles! Summer is getting hotter in Bhutan and I'm constantly looking to wear something very light on my skin. Today I'm wearing a very fun outfit; I notice denim and colourful florals work well together so I paired my slit skirt (it's actually a one piece dress) with a denim jacket. The kera (Traditional belt) was not a part of this whole outfit initially, what actually happened was I left my belt in my car (forgetful me!) haha... so the only idea I could come up was to use kera (borrowed from my mom ) haha. But I like how it pretty much blends to the color of my dress. And notice my hair? I tried Ariana Grande's style! (not a perfect one though), but it was pretty nice to try on something different. Come to talking about hair, I'll be getting a new haircut soon and it will be shorter than my usual length. Well, have fun and hope you guys liked my fun outfit of the day!!! ^_^
 I have been on a run with this Zara mirror reflective heel for a while now, since its a mid-heeled its way comfortable than rest I own. Just love it! :P
What I'm wearing:
Skirt:*Bkk store
Basic Tee:* Uniqlo
Jacket:*Bkk store
Lets focus on the good sides.. Cheers!!