Friday, July 29, 2011

th3 cute HerD~

i know the caption is so so not cool but hey! its cute right?... haha.. it took me longer than usual to get a caption for ma new post, haha.. and guess what? i just saw the right title was just on my T anyways...check out the cool and my so called 'the cute Herd' look! (wink*) haha...

Be it thin or wide, short or long, bright or dark..basic or bejeweled, a belt sure is one of the easiest way to add a nice polish to any outfit. ^_^

And sure do the accessories like these., I know it may look a little different but i think it goes well. =)

RaWr! ^_*

momo momo....hehe

The shoe is momo...momo...LOLzz.... its cute! (oopzz! im hungry :P)

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