Thursday, August 4, 2011

BuBbl3 ShorTs!

Bubbl3 Bubbl3 haha... Bubbl3 short are really comfy for summer hot weather, no clinging and are hippy and fun. ^_^

Head band! I normally don't really wear the 'hippie head band' styl3 but i got eni mini influenced from one of my favorite model Mickey..hehe..she's amazing..haha.. well this is for her! yey! yey! =)

I'm trying to get my name arranged..can you help me? ^_*

I thoughts wedges go well with Bubbl3 shorts for summerish look.. well for sure there are other billion of option to for winter..i'd like it have worn with black leather boots with mustard tights! :)

In this pic? It's SNOWING!? LOLZ... well unfortunately it's not! hahaha.. that's just some paint.. gee it sure do look like snow...aww missing home. The cold chilly winter snow back home in Bhutan. :) ahh..


pee-ka-boooooo! again o.0?

Stretch! stretch your face... haha.. and have a bright smile worn always.. ^_^ yey! yey!

Freedom lies in being yourself... so here's for the FREEDOM!! :)


  1. i love your shorts.. i've been crazy about these shorts but sadly, i can't wear it now since its winter here.
    you from bhutan? its great to see other bhutanese doing fashion blogs..

    anyway, check out my giveaway for a Casio watch!


  2. thank u. and yeah im from Bhutan. ^_^
    glad to have met u hea..sure ll do check it. :)
    i have seen some of ur blog pix in fb.. gr8 collections. ^_^


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