Tuesday, September 27, 2011

m3h-s3lf-d3sign3r =)

AHH...i know its been long long time since i have updated here...been extremely buzy with my 'honey business' lolzz...... ^_* so anyways...check this out!! urm..
I designed this light blue or aqua color simple yet urm..volumnized kinda half coat ... and i'm just loving it..haha...

 This is how it looks from the side, the fluffy sleaves.. =) i'm fav. it! lol

And the back...nice eh!?? ^_^

 well that's when you say...HEy hELlo! lolzzz......

some headbands :P

 so here you can finally see the front view! nice eh!?? hehe... =)
haha.. i just took this.. i was actually enjoying the photo shots!!! :P :P

There really are no problems, only opportunities -- Robin S. ^_^

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