Thursday, September 29, 2011

ma-sleeved shawl =)

well...its Autumn already!! yey! yey! seriously time sure flys...i have been so so buzy...losing track of see. Girls life is heck of spinning wheel ( hope that made some sense..hehe) ..time management is really important..i've realized this past few years (Colg)  =) so anyways...its time for Autumn..i always liked Autumn.esp..them leaves falling.. but its kinda dry weather. :P hehe... so its time to get our hands on some nice autumn wear!

I recently made this shawl...hehe... I like the fact that it have sleeves as well.. unusual isn't it? haha.. but the best part is I can wear it any way I want it.

And oh..,yeah... you see the wrist part..I used tiny  pearl and one sea shell at each end.. umm..nice way to have it knot or un-knot! :P  i <3 shells...

Watching through the window, when them leaves fall... Yeah i knཅw.. it's Autumn coming! haha.. ^_*

The pearl and sea shell goes well isn't it?  well, I love the fluffy part! I always liked fluffy and layered cloths... its fun! =)

If you value your relationship with anyone more than anything else..than saying sorry shouldn't bother you.. peace yo friends! =)

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