Friday, September 30, 2011

th3 Bhutan3s3 reference with ripPed jeaN :P

I made the top with Bhutanese kira piece, it was an extra piece for ma i came up with something feminine touch with it :) wel it goes fine with my self ripped jean.

i love my bag, i always liked the long hanging chains through it.

it came out pretty!!! ^_^ all you need is some sweing and necessary materials. well if you want my methology.. comment me if so...shall post up. =)

photoshot with my roomate...its always fun!! haha.. never really thought photoshots were fun..  indeed!!

 well the fact that we all know any stores we visit..we can see the jeans that have been ripped and frayed cost higher than those normal branded jeans!!  so you see we can always come up with our own ripped style to add plus it still gives the feminine touch.

 Remember you have your self-respect !! ^_^  


  1. nice one there :D
    and definitely two thumbs up for ur jeans :D


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