Saturday, October 15, 2011

polka dots~ =P

I made this tube dress a couple of weeks ago, didn't really get time to upload it sooner, so goes a tube kinda dress which goes way down but right above my knees. Do I wear them? Urm....I wouldn't say I do haha..but I just seem to enjoy having such collections... ^ ^

It's prety easy to come up with such tube dress... I personally feel we can design and come up with anything that suits our mood/style and wear them,. never was like the designers or stores clothes are the only our options..? was there? o.0   No!    :P

Some accessories to add up..urm..feminine touch like i'd say.  =)


 This one is really really easy..all you need to do is get some piece of material you like, do some sewing and tada!! there you go!!!    you can be your own fairy God mother...haha (wink*)         =) 

and for sure some belts to go with it...

A white thin belt to go with the color..

Today my thought for this post will be... Our fifth king of Bhutan recently got married ..YEY! YEY!  it's time for joy, happiness, its time for celebration and un-luckily i'm not home for such a huge celebration.. this sucks.. =P but I wish the ROYAL COUPLE A very very Happy married life. WE love you .  <3  ^_________^ 

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