Saturday, November 12, 2011

bAck & wHit3 c*wGiRl

Hey hey! came up with my cowgirl boots with self ripped stockings urm.... I have no idea what I can call this outfit... but I'm enjoying my styles. :P

ahh... I love my cowgirl hitter shoe! I can unbutton it and wear it as well.. :)

I bought this stocking here in India, it just tore all I can think of doing I ripped it and made to this! What do you say? :)

I have no idea what I'm holding on too... its was already there..lolz and caught my hands on them..hehe

My messy hairdo.. I always liked messy hair-do... urm.. and for this outfit.. i thought it fits well. :)

Life is all about loving someone and hurting someone. Think and act ! :)  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

earLy wiNt3r (Hot&coLd)

It's early winter time, came up with this outfit. 
I'm wearing Aiva high heel and black leather waist length coat and with that tunic mini skirt.

 I got the bag from Charles and Keith. Just love it. =)

Always be positive. =)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

vaNiLLa VinTage =)

Well I came up with this combo... I didn't know what exactly it can be called but I call it the vanilla vintage look, haha...

 I got that canvas from 1976 star* urm..

The red hat was a gift from my mom, been long I ever dared to put that on..haha.. thanks mom! :)

so here it is...sure fashion sees no age... :P the way I made that red polka dot top! what do you say? :)

I bought this coat from a Vintage shop in BKK. I just loved it, couldn't resist not to have it. It reflex those old 80s. How cool is that? haha..

What goes around, comes aroud... be sure what you are doing now is right!! =) PEACE guys!