Saturday, November 12, 2011

bAck & wHit3 c*wGiRl

Hey hey! came up with my cowgirl boots with self ripped stockings urm.... I have no idea what I can call this outfit... but I'm enjoying my styles. :P

ahh... I love my cowgirl hitter shoe! I can unbutton it and wear it as well.. :)

I bought this stocking here in India, it just tore all I can think of doing I ripped it and made to this! What do you say? :)

I have no idea what I'm holding on too... its was already there..lolz and caught my hands on them..hehe

My messy hairdo.. I always liked messy hair-do... urm.. and for this outfit.. i thought it fits well. :)

Life is all about loving someone and hurting someone. Think and act ! :)  


  1. The top is so pretty! And the shoes are simply wow! I like how you can remove the upper part of it and give it a casual look.

  2. lovd wit ua stockin..... plus ua hairdos n posts n preety much everything..:)


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