Saturday, December 3, 2011

i call it The BlaCk Or Red ^_^

As we know colors are non-verbal communication, and each color represents its own meanings.
haha.. what am I taking about.?..lolz... well coming back..I think black colors gives us more of a conservative looks and in-fact it goes well with any other colors except for other dark colors.  
And when it comes to red, the moment I see red I get the feeling its love or something to do with blood (war). but when it comes to cloths its pretty hot! lolzz.. so Black+Red that in the end gives you conservative yet hot looks! simple! ^____^

Here I personally liked my new combo of red and black with my miss sixty leggings.. totally loving my legging or  its called jegging.. :P  I personally like to mix up different colors to my outfits!

and yes the bag is to die for :P i love the chain and the skull part the most! 

A woman who cannot be Ugly is not beautiful.


  1. Where is the location?
    It looks like it's from Vogue magazine. GOod job. :)


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