Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my next collection

I love this Jola (Bhutanese traditional bag). It's my grand mom's which was handed to mom but she no longer uses it so I modified it with a sling and now its handy! ^_^ yey! yey! 

Here I'm wearing harem trousers pant! it have a mixture of green blue black color. I love the heels , just perfect for the pant. ^ ^

I thought my white sun glass goes perfectly with the bag! ^ ^ I think it's not always necessary to have all the outfits matched up! I personally like to add odds to the 'one matched up piece'.  Which I think gives up a different touch to it! 

i bought the sun glass online..it was pretty cheap considering the offer. :)

Balance in Life is really important. So viewers... Keep your life in balance, don't over react to sadness or happiness! ^_^ PEACE!  

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