Thursday, January 12, 2012

my THIRD Bhutanese reference ^ ^

I made the dress from Bhutanese kira piece.. mom wanted to give away :P i just made a use of it! ^_^

I added Red belt and a silver koma to give it a better look.

And a red shoe to go with it! ^_^

I made one side all cut and open and other side fluffy!! :)

Don't let anything or any body stop you from doing what you love.. 'cuz in the end it you who gets out of it! ^ ^


  1. wow..the dress is so lovely!! u got a taste!! n it suits u too!!

  2. Yet again, very chic!

    Was just wondering - do they still have those fashion shows were designers compete on western wear made out of Bhutanese textiles? You should participate - you'll win, for sure!

  3. You are any wau gorgeous.........see me at


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