Thursday, January 26, 2012

the quench for spring~

Though spring is more than a month away.. I can't wait any longer... I wanted to try on flowery accessories.. Just to quench my thrust for it.. I'm wearing yellow flower belt and yellow rose hair clip!! ^_^ 


Lately I'm totally into yellow!! ^_^

I don't mean to look that serious..haha..the SUN!! :P

 The shirt says so ''Look great Feel gooood'' ^__*

I'm wearing Tiffany's sliver brace-late.. <3 

Like I said I don't know much about how professional designers or stylers work with their everyday styles.. Just a reminder..I'm just ordinary girl who loves cloths and always try to make up her own taste.. ^_^ hope viewers likes my personal collections.

The shoe is from Miss-sixty!! totally loving it! ^_^

life is an opportunity..benefit from it..  ^ ^

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