Monday, February 13, 2012

My Valentine's Day- approaches

I'm no professional stylist or fashionistas, these are my own tips ^ ^ : 

Tip 1:    If you are wearing simple outfit -more like some dull colored-    (Valentine day~ people generally keep the 'RED' on!! ) so to keep up with that :

         I suggest for a pop of color, best way 'd be just add a red lip, simple isn't it?  :) Not only is a red lip insta-glamour, but it’s also the perfect way to look festive without going over the top.  The picture shows it!

Tip 2:       If you are wearing jeans:

             To spice up with the Valentine look, hot pink or red skinny jeans are just perfecto! :) And yes! to give the 'whola' look.. keep rest of the look neutral by wearing white/ black or gray ^ ^ 

Tip 3:       If you are more into dresses:
             I suggest simple and elegant dresses, not necessary red but keep the touch of red. Nothing should be over the top! ^_*   Just be yourself!

Hope these were informative.. ^ ^  
Happy valentine day!!

Remember its the way you carry yourself!  When you are good to others ... than you are best to yourself!! Happy Valentine day!!

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