Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the stripes styl3--My first Leap year post! :)

This is by far my favorite. I totally wanted to do stripes style. Ah!! My first leap year post indeed!!  yey! yey! :) Well since the day comes once in four years its time to plan and celebrate it in a special way...Pamper yourself, shopping or mere window shopping make sure you do activities you enjoy the most or anything which you wanted to do but never had the time then make the most of this leap year 2012.  

I'm wearing the catwalk black+white shoe. amazingly in love with it :)

Bought the dress/tunic from one of the online sale site. It was worth it! :)

Got the bag from Thai on my last visit. It got stripes as well.. :) and yes..I like how the stocking have cute bow prints. :)

Some hair accessories ..its pretty ^_^

 shoe from Catwalk-Indian Brand

Bought the cool shade from Bkk. :)

Shes my photographer today. :)   Thank you Kersu.

"A happy woman is a beautiful woman."- Cheers to all ..happy leap year '12 ^_^

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