Tuesday, February 28, 2012

sunset~its ray is my runway ^_*

Hey..I've been posting quite often than usual lately, I guess my usual out goings have been a habit lately..haha.. no wonder I have these updates..but not for long now. I have my exams coming up.. ah.. guess I won't be posting up till the mid of may. :|

Today's outfit was pretty neat. I just came up with this combo. nothing special about it.  Took the picture during the sunset ..so the I had to minimize the redness effect. :P

I bought that arm cluf  from a site. Its totally Indian style. haha.

I enjoyed wearing this look. What ever my shirt says..'there I was' :)

The shoe I bought them on one of the online site in India. It was pretty. I liked the cress cross in the front. Thats probably why I bought them.. hehe :)

sorry for the blur picture.. :P

 "Everyday is a fashion show and the world is my runway..."  -unknown :P   Cheers!!! :)

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