Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the richness in colors~

Been long since I last posted..been extremely busy with my academic schedules. Well on my way out today, I wore red slim pant from Freeculter Denim, I normally wear size 26 but this jean 26 was bit lose for me..different brands differs in sizes it seems. 

Well color pants-Trend alert !! haha.. they are so in for me lately!! ..I'm wearing my yellow shirt here again..haha..I don't know I actually seem to prefer it more than others. :) 

And yes that's Miss sixty shoe, love those beats!

The blazer complete my look for today!!

And a bag and some jewelry to go with. 

Normally I always liked light make ups with sweet bright colors.. but today I wanted to try out thick darker eye liner..not bad.. it seems like I should wear darker shades sometimes... :)

Everything has its beauty, not everyone sees it.. love yourself and be happy!! Thanks for droping by! Hit like on my facebook page ^_^

Monday, March 19, 2012

SuN kiSsed dAy~

Phew! done with my internal exams...though there are lots colg work queued up. This is my next post.
Spring is fun, its really hot here.. shorts are best to wear. :)

Beauty is not caused. It is. - Emily Dickinson