Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blue black+ my collar necklace

Yes! I know I should be studying right now, haha... Can't stand to stay in the room all day long with them books and stuff, more over its Sunday! I need to get out!! went for a walk with my friends around the college campus..which pretty much made me post this outfit I wore. Its all blue black! :)

The favorite part of this outfit today is my SELF-MADE collar necklace..

The belly shoe is from Carlton London.

Reminds you of someone?? Hell yea! its lady gaga right? haha...I actually wanted to try this bow hair-do for I kinda have it! ... since my hair was pretty short..urm it was hard to get that nice bow. I had to tugged lot of loose hair.. but I pretty much manged to get a look alike ^_^ Cheers to that!!!

 Some brace-late to go with.. its huge..loving it..

And yes if you wanna know how I made my collar necklace..Let me know  with your lovely comments! ^_^

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better!-Ralph.. Cheers!! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

beige-the way I put it out!


Wore my beige pant with grayish shirt today, I love the print on the shirt.. its really cute.

I'ma color person, colors seems to summarize my inner nature and how I feel. For past few days I have been posting up really bright and variation of colors and today I'm all earth colors, beige,grayish, creamily or brown if you say.. 

There was leak through a pipe, haha I was playing with the water rather than focusing with the photo-shoot, 

I'm wearing the same catwalk shoe I wore last time, it was perfect for the whole look and I'm carrying Charles & Keith's leather bag.. Heart it! ")

A really nice cuff, I loved it. Pretty much Indian cuff and I think they call it "kada". I've been living in India for around 4 years now, and here in Indian women wears heavy jewelry especially when they are married. Its kool how they wear every dress matched up with their ear-rings, necklace, rings, bangles and anklets. Its like every where, their whole body is filled with jewelry, pretty cool uh? But I wonder how they manage to walk in all those. :P

Seems like I won't be posting soon after this, got exams coming up. I hope to post up right after everything is over in college. ^ ^ 

One man's style must not be the rule of another's. -Jane.A

Friday, April 20, 2012

heart band-aid nail art tutorial

While I was going through some site I came across many pretty nail arts (this kinda nail art.). I wanted to try out on my own. So here's how I achieved the heart band-aid nail art! (that's what I call it) ^_^

 So first thing you need to get all the necessary tools :
1. Base darker shade nail paint.
2. Red nail paint.

3. Band-aid or white tap or use something white that can stick and last long, urmm i'm using the basic plaster.
4. Scissor.
5. Nail cutter (optional).
6. Paint brush.

Alright! Have them all? Lets start!

 Apply the base with the darker shade nail paint you've selected. Mine is pretty much dark purple, but I'd recommend darker shade of Blue 'cuz I think it compliments the red & white color  best!
 After your base paint is dried, measure your nail width with the tape. Remember to have the tape longer than the width of your nail so that you'd mess it up later on (precaution).
 Once your done with measurement, cut the tape into small slice about 1 to 2 mm. Make the edges look as straight and smooth as possible. and than start sticking them on your nail. It depends on your choice if you want one slice or two on your nails. I prefer two.
After sticking them (see the picture). Cut off the remaining slit of the tape, using either use your nail cutter or scissor. 

cut off the excess part of the tape and make sure you stick the edges well else it will come off. Continue doing the same to all your other finger nails.

After you're done, you can either apply transparent coat for secure or its up to individuals.

Now take get the red nail paint and paint brush, the reason why I used paint brush is..'cuz its pretty narrower and easier than the nail paint attached brush to make narrow arts on nails.

Dip the pant brush in the nail paint (red) and start making hearts on any ends you want. ^_^
Repeat the same on other nails and Tada! you're done!

say hello to my baby Ted! ^_^

Just loving the nail art! ^_^

Beauty has a lot to do with character... takecare! cheers!.

the show

The small fashion show held in my college like I mentioned before, these are some of the outfit I managed to come up with.. some glimpse of the outfits. ^_^

The origami inspired..I did the whole post for this look ^_^

The famous! Green-yellow-red..
did this on -- colored inspired from Bob Marley!!
one of my favorite quote of Bob Marley "“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”

Made this dress for the spring theme in the show, I added flowers 'cuz flower come into bloom in early spring which is youthful and innocent (softness baby pink)

our colorful show..^_^

Did this outfit on watermelon inspired. :)
model chhoennyie.

Lets learn and explore!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

my summer hair-do tutorial

I thought of doing a summer hair-do tutorial today, It's pretty basic and super simple, I'm sure most are well aware of braiding hair. I was wearing this hair-do last time and most of my friends thought it was pretty and elegant. I just wanted to give it a try. Hope it makes your summer sweet and elegant wearing this hair do. ^_^

First part your front hair section like you can clearly see the picture.

Now start braiding them, braid them like taking small sections from each like in picture.

After you reach near you cheek, tie it temporary with a rubber band.

Next take another section of you hair right above your just braided hair.

Braid them as well, just follow the same trend as before.

so when you reach near your ear, release the other hair braid you had tied and bring them together.

Braid them together, try to make it look as smooth as possible. :)

Once you get them braid together than go braiding all the way behind you back, keep it as how far you'd like your braid to go.

Next after the braid is fully done, tie them up.

Now for the next side of your head, collect a section of hair right above your ear.

The trick is twist it so that it can give you the sharp and nice roll.

so when you are done with that. Take another section of hair underneath that first section.

Twist that as well and bring it over the first section.

and join them, and again collect another section under those two and twist and over. twist and over! twist and over.. goes on.

finally you get this result.

remove your hair tie you had it in your first braid.

join the two ends of both the different braid and secure them with a rubber band.

Almost done, so its summer, I'm using this pink flowery hair clip to make it even look better.

so there you go..sweet and elegant. Perfect for summer! and yes! if you don't like to keep it at the side..have them roll up and clip them behind.

Final look!
Hope you enjoyed.

My first tutorial... hope it helped.!!