Monday, April 23, 2012

beige-the way I put it out!


Wore my beige pant with grayish shirt today, I love the print on the shirt.. its really cute.

I'ma color person, colors seems to summarize my inner nature and how I feel. For past few days I have been posting up really bright and variation of colors and today I'm all earth colors, beige,grayish, creamily or brown if you say.. 

There was leak through a pipe, haha I was playing with the water rather than focusing with the photo-shoot, 

I'm wearing the same catwalk shoe I wore last time, it was perfect for the whole look and I'm carrying Charles & Keith's leather bag.. Heart it! ")

A really nice cuff, I loved it. Pretty much Indian cuff and I think they call it "kada". I've been living in India for around 4 years now, and here in Indian women wears heavy jewelry especially when they are married. Its kool how they wear every dress matched up with their ear-rings, necklace, rings, bangles and anklets. Its like every where, their whole body is filled with jewelry, pretty cool uh? But I wonder how they manage to walk in all those. :P

Seems like I won't be posting soon after this, got exams coming up. I hope to post up right after everything is over in college. ^ ^ 

One man's style must not be the rule of another's. -Jane.A

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  1. I like ur collection chyuni :P keep gong dea!!


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