Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blue black+ my collar necklace

Yes! I know I should be studying right now, haha... Can't stand to stay in the room all day long with them books and stuff, more over its Sunday! I need to get out!! went for a walk with my friends around the college campus..which pretty much made me post this outfit I wore. Its all blue black! :)

The favorite part of this outfit today is my SELF-MADE collar necklace..

The belly shoe is from Carlton London.

Reminds you of someone?? Hell yea! its lady gaga right? haha...I actually wanted to try this bow hair-do for I kinda have it! ... since my hair was pretty short..urm it was hard to get that nice bow. I had to tugged lot of loose hair.. but I pretty much manged to get a look alike ^_^ Cheers to that!!!

 Some brace-late to go with.. its huge..loving it..

And yes if you wanna know how I made my collar necklace..Let me know  with your lovely comments! ^_^

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better!-Ralph.. Cheers!! 

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