Tuesday, April 17, 2012

green with flowery

Green is not a neutral color, so I think its always best to choose other pieces of clothing that compliment its tone. Green basically represents the color of life, nature, fertility, well being, life. I'd prefer blue, red, black, yellow, beige with green but here I totally wanted to go flowery. :). 

The flowery shirt, I totally loved it. I just happen to see it in one of the store while visiting some places here in India. I thought it was way cute and perfect for  the summer. Its fresh.

Like I mentioned before, I just adore colors, colors in garments or colors in basic stuffs at home be it anything colors just brightens up ones soul.  Colors are more diverse, more exciting and appealing.

I feel like I just out came from 70s-80s times...I think in most 70s times people wore colorful outfits and hit the road, colors were more alive there.  well like its been said 'what goes around comes around.' 

My hair-do for this look is totally a quick and basic one. I have a bouffant on the crown section of my head and at the back I just had a ponytail with a loop making a twist knot effect. And finally taking the front section hair towards back and bobby pin them. Really simple.

I bought the high heels from catwalk online. Totally adorable and its really comfortable to walk in those. Normally high heels are pretty a pain. :P

TIPS on how to walk in high heels 

1. walk heel to toe on normal floors.
2. walk toe to heel on climbing the stairs so that you won't accidently miss the steps.
3. walk toe to heel on grassy or sands --it saves your heels from those hard stuffs and from sinking.
Wedges are best to begin with you walks! Good luck!
Hope it helped! ^_*

Say hello to my brother!! Haha.. this picture is pretty epic.. Lolz.. I loved it though. There's something different about this photo and the fact that we made such expression~hahaha..makes me laugh.

A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.

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