Friday, April 20, 2012

heart band-aid nail art tutorial

While I was going through some site I came across many pretty nail arts (this kinda nail art.). I wanted to try out on my own. So here's how I achieved the heart band-aid nail art! (that's what I call it) ^_^

 So first thing you need to get all the necessary tools :
1. Base darker shade nail paint.
2. Red nail paint.

3. Band-aid or white tap or use something white that can stick and last long, urmm i'm using the basic plaster.
4. Scissor.
5. Nail cutter (optional).
6. Paint brush.

Alright! Have them all? Lets start!

 Apply the base with the darker shade nail paint you've selected. Mine is pretty much dark purple, but I'd recommend darker shade of Blue 'cuz I think it compliments the red & white color  best!
 After your base paint is dried, measure your nail width with the tape. Remember to have the tape longer than the width of your nail so that you'd mess it up later on (precaution).
 Once your done with measurement, cut the tape into small slice about 1 to 2 mm. Make the edges look as straight and smooth as possible. and than start sticking them on your nail. It depends on your choice if you want one slice or two on your nails. I prefer two.
After sticking them (see the picture). Cut off the remaining slit of the tape, using either use your nail cutter or scissor. 

cut off the excess part of the tape and make sure you stick the edges well else it will come off. Continue doing the same to all your other finger nails.

After you're done, you can either apply transparent coat for secure or its up to individuals.

Now take get the red nail paint and paint brush, the reason why I used paint brush is..'cuz its pretty narrower and easier than the nail paint attached brush to make narrow arts on nails.

Dip the pant brush in the nail paint (red) and start making hearts on any ends you want. ^_^
Repeat the same on other nails and Tada! you're done!

say hello to my baby Ted! ^_^

Just loving the nail art! ^_^

Beauty has a lot to do with character... takecare! cheers!.

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