Monday, April 16, 2012

Origami inspired~folding paper

Hey guys, its been almost a month since I last posted, sorry about that. What can I say, I've been caught up with my academic and other college stuffs. Well like I said the fashion show I had in my college for the International Gathering, I managed to design some dresses for the show. So I shall be posting them one after another and this one is one of them. Its basically inspired from Origami which means folding paper, as far as I've read its the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, we humans are fill with creativity thoughts, were papers can be transformed into fun and decorative items such as birds,boats, cranes, Christmas tree,pig..etc.. and when it comes to fashion designers, they have started designing cloths based on Origami, how cool is that?  As you can see like wise I've made one for my mini program in college, I specially asked my friend to wear this out fit, since it fits her well.

so as you can see here, I used the paper art to make the fun square boxes we used to use in schools for guessing games according to the colors and all. I used this square boxes as a huge locket piece and a folding purse. It just struck my head, that it'd be best if I include the real origami in the design. Don't you think so?

And yes! the hat is all a origami art, its a pot like structure, i'm sorry I just know how to make it but I never really knew what it was actually called as..haha I normally call it as a pot, used to use it as a dustbin in my school times whenever I sharp my pencils. Doing this origami inspired design totally took me way back to my school days, how I used to really enjoy paper folding techniques. :)

The colors I used for this dress is two shades of blues, I pretty much liked the fact that it does look like the paper folded piece. So yes, I'd totally love to hear what my readers have to say about my design based on origami art.

I just read somewhere.." Creativity never goes out of styl3 " so cheers to all the creativity!!! ^__^ 

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