Monday, April 16, 2012

pink pleated skirt

so the second outfit was pink pleated skirt, I felt like these pleats took me like ages haha... I was all heat up with the iron steam, just imagine ironing every pleats in such a hot weather!! you can just picture right? :) so was worth the hard work I put in, finally managed to get a self made pleated skirt!! what can just get better.? :P

pleated skirts are my personal favorites, its wearable at all times plus its super easy to make :) Pleated skirts come in  many different forms, some are short, some are longer, it totally depends on how long one personally wants and different ways of pleats.  

I did this look for summer, because I feel pink represents softness and youthfulness which leaves soothing and soft effect in summer weather. Pink is one of my personal favorite color. Mostly mild colors like baby pink are more favorable in summer heat times, but its no harm with hot pink. I'm loving it! :)

I love colors, its like everything I wear is full of colors, this hot pick is totally in for summery time. :)

The wedge shoe I'm wearing is like super comfy..i'd vote like 100% pain like any other pump high heels..and for fact that I can jump and dance around and be crazy..lolzz

Normally heavy jewelry are avoidable in summer, but I like to add up a glamorously yet simple jewelry for summer look...a necklace if not a brace-late. :)

“Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.”

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  1. wow... chyuni.. wow... u are great :*


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