Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY mini project

 I wanted to try making a neckpiece, I had few unwanted earrings. Used them to achieve a collar neckpiece ^_^ 

All I used was a glue gun, though jump rings are necessary...but I didn't have them so anyways....

I used the pearls to give it some pop of cuteness. ^ ^

 so there you see, yeahh...I'm loving it..haha I pretty much had a hard time deciding whether to have it chained or just a thread. so I have both in this following pictures. Check them and I hope to hear viewers comments. ^ ^
Thread one.
In these I used black chain. ^ ^ too bad the chain was pretty short to have it knotted on both the ends so I had to keep it straight right in through. but it looks fine? 

Try try and keep trying...You will end up doing something or another, else you'll be were you are always and forever!! so CHEERS to you awesome people!!! ^ ^


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