Friday, June 1, 2012

a little high-low

Its been quite long since I last posted..been so caught up at anyways.. I came up with this look...I made the high-low skirt using two super combo colors orange and brown.. they go pretty well I think.

Make up was done by my sister.. I totally loved the hair and make up she did for me. It totally goes with my whole outfit.

Here I'm wearing my self modified slipper..I used Bhutanese fiber piece.

New accessories I bought on my last visit to Kolkata, pretty antic!

thanks to sis and her boyfriend. they made my shoot perfect for this post!

Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” Orson Welle


  1. Wow. This took my breath away. Beautiful shots...and how did you make the skirt?

  2. And also the is soooo Egyptian Queen Cleopatra like..So totally awesome.

  3. I like everything about this ensemble, Chuni.
    The makeup, the footwear, the skirt & the top I absolutely love. The way you've accessorized the outfit is just too good!

    Look forward to more posts, now that you're free of books/classes & that hectic college life! :)

  4. Wow..i simply loved your picture and yes make up well carried off.Good fashion sense.I'm Proud to see Bhutanese coming up with new ideas. Soon we can wear our own creation. Keep it up.

  5. Thank you..I shall keep up with my work! ^ ^
    hope to hear more...


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