Thursday, July 26, 2012

the rough edge and print

 something I manage to come up with...made the see through long skirt, I just had a thought that rather than having the Clean stitched look..why not give it a rough know.. :)  mastyl3 it is... haha
 I love the hair my sister did, she pumped my hair to have this really hug volume and gave a nice style over it.. hot right? ^ ^
 got this animal printed belt from the accessorize.. just perfectly goes with my shoe ^ ^

 A simple and perfect necklace for this look...though my shirt have already made this look well accessorized. haha..

Animal printed shoe.. I was like so in love with it the moment I saw it..haha couldn't help but get one!!! ^ ^

Be yourself everyone else is TAKEN!!!  Cheers to all the viewers!


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