Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn for Bhutanese

Off days from work.. totally got me thinking 'Autumn for Bhutanese' idea.. few hours under my sewing machine and tada!! we have a new post today... ^_^

I made this high-low mini skirt from a tego piece I had around for long.. Since I don't really require to wear National dress for my work.. I pretty much thought of making a better use of it.. ^_^ 
This style is pretty much wore lately...I manage to make a belt as well ..with a bow and using a orange border around it. The concept of using orange is probably cuz I think it gives a pop of the details..(my personal choices) ^_^

Well the shoe.....the laces makes my feet look longer and taller..haha!! ^_* and L size blazer <3 p="p">

With the left over pieces I manage to use it as neck cuff and hand cuff accessorsing it with coma and some mixture of pearls. Its really simple and basic ..yet makes the look some what heavy. Such basic ideas you can use it to accessorize your outfit even if you don't have any matching jewelry...hope it helps ^^

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― Sam Levenson

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