Wednesday, September 19, 2012

color it half way ^_^

its been roughly two weeks since I last posted..I seriously am buzy.. :\  I think its totally true what people say...once you're off totally gets busy and you hardly get time for your personal stufs...but anyways..I'm working out.. haha..

well my post for today is..pretty fancy..lolz..I used lot of accessories this time.. um..its fact that I love wearing jewelery.. gotta keep trying out it heavy sometimes.. ^ ^ im wearing half colored yellowish and other teal blue kinda color give it a sophisticated look I tied a animal print belt over and added some  accessories.

And yes..Loving the shoe..bought them from D&G ..amazing color combo.

I made the earring..and I hope to do a DIY on it soon..might take some time but I shall ^_^

A smiling face is always beautiful.. Keep smiling.. ^_^


  1. Lovely post and lovely pose.
    Love it
    Keep updating.....

  2. sure thing and thank you ^_^
    keep the support :)


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