Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Its been way long since I last posted... been going through some really busy times. so anyway..I've been working on this maxi kinda over dress and its finally over..I totally kept procrastinating the work :(  which is a sad thing......
well you see like I said before, i've been into yellow-green colors lately..so I used the same color here.

A small sneak-peak to one side of my small collections...haha.. had to take the picture inside..time was at its stake!! lolz...

I'm wearing those heavenly pretty feather earrings from Accessorize..love those different shades of colors on it..and the necklace is pretty vintage... loving them. And if you notice my shoulder edges..i totally came up with it ^ ^

Bought this shoe from catwalk last June..Love the color and the fact that its 5" :)

Believe in yourself..than others will ^_^
cheers to you all ^ ^


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