Thursday, October 25, 2012

cosplay:into the character

Being a Japanese anime series fanatic..pretty much blocked my ideas to stick to this one this time..haha... I was thinking why not try this look for the up coming Halloween .. you know..though its not scary.. :P im wearing dramatic circle green Barbie eye lens and lashes with glitters pencils +while liners to give it a bigger and dramatic eye effect. ^ ^

Worked on this dress for a week and it turned out pretty good. well I used kira piece here again haha.. Worth the try right? haha

I modified this sock by adding a cute bow each of the same piece.

And yes to give my waist line a nice form and shape with the dress I made a think belt out of the same piece and used a shinny broach in the center.

I like that puffy effect on my lower part of the dress, to give that extra lift to my skirt I wore petticoat.  I think its essential especially when you are making or planning on wearing a Gothic Lolita kinda dress. 

This look can pretty much come near to Gothic Lolita style except that its not black and not too dramatic. I love cosplay and dressing like Gothic idea.. There is something that attracts me in them. Well i'm planning on making a Gothic Lolita cosplay style pretty soon. ^ ^ Excited!!

well I think this is pretty  much an inspired post as well, because anime characters / cosplay have been a huge inspiration while making this dress. In every step of processing this dress I have been keeping their style in my mind. ^ ^

A cute crown to get into the character..

Dream big and think impossible! ^_^ Love yourself!


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