Friday, November 30, 2012

Laced pocket shorts DIY

A DIY laced pocket short!, well making it was really fun and super easy.
Laces are so bursting out in every detailing of the outfits now it winter..its still being adopted. well I personally like laces too, it gives such cutting edges when applied around jackets, and yes! gives more softer and femine look.
one best part is laces can be worn in multiple ways,..remove or detailed it whenever and however!! pretty cool uh! ^_^

Experimental with fashion

 I went out with sister yesterday, had a half day off from work. we came up with some experimental ideas on fashion, thought of trying out very vibrant colors on our outfit that day esp. since its winter..people normally don't wear vibrant colors during such cold weather... haha...but it was fun..going around a vastly different district of Paro valley... Experiments with fashion is always fun, when a girl can dream..everything is wearable!  ^_* 

Sister wore her black and yellow maxi with her very blue sweater.. I love the colors. ^ ^

And her animal printed shoe cute shoe..adorable.

we even tried on our heels ..since it had pop of blue and red.

but on our way out...I chose to have my shoe on...since our outing place was not suited for heels..."Rocks!" the heel killers!

having my blue belt on,,haha.. I felt like our experiment was pretty heavy..people started staring at us...I even felt like a clown at some point..haha..but I said when a girl can dream..everything is wearable!  ^_* yey! hehe....
I think this post is pretty special, it can indirectly direct to some people..who need to open up for who they are...don't be embarrassed  and never try to be someone for anybody. Be yourself. I'm not specialized for such talks..lolz  but just to relate to this post...if you love and respect yourself for who you are... everyone will.
A good heart is better than all the heads in the world ^_^  cheers!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

old school-mom inspired

I was going through my closet for a warm sweater, oh well guess what I found? saw my mom's old 90s hand knitted sweater..I remember her knitting it while I was in junior school..haha..And surprisingly I have it in my winter closet. Well thought why not try out old school look...the look where madona would rock those high waisted jean with some heppi headband and a top! haha...

wearing mom's hand knitted sweater..and self acessorised pink collar shirt and a haram high waisted kinda styled jean. got the jean from lee cooper...and the shoe! it's a wedge shoe with pretty laces around.

I thought of trying a high waisted half pants with it but then thought again..its winter..and cold...ewuff... :P

and second thought was a mini pletted skirts and thermal leggings..and I was like..naa..nothing can beat them jeans! hahaha..

haha.. i look so funny here.. trying to pose like the oldies fun time:P

Well with the hair, I had it curled with hair straighter using a pencil as a base, I personal chosed this method
so that the hair looked dead locked kinda, and gave it a soft touch of roll over my head and put up a polka-dot head band to kept me thinking grandtheft game..that guy have his scarf over his head like mine..haha...

this wedge shoe is pretty, and I love the fact that it got laces around.

I studded this collar like before, used some pearls and other jewellry to make it femine.

now now this is so boyish me..LOLZ...

to fit in old school..I tried on my huge circled glasses on..PINk! haha..

Love yourself..Love begins with you first! Cheers

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

cozy knits

"ok! lets not be shy..lets mix rustic sweaters with my dance floor ready bottoms!" this was my very first thought before I was trying on my sweater lolzzz.... you know as cold hits the city... I was like why not sweaters now! ^_^

I'm wearing the collar shirt I last accessorized with studs around the collar...loving it ^ ^
Lately i'm under medication..side effects--i'm becoming fat..LOLzz
I modified the front of the sweater giving it a lift and studding it around the edges..
wearing leather pants! seriously...readydance floor bottoms eh? lolz

red hand bag studded..perfecto!
bought this boot from Carlton London brand.. its air tight..keeps my feet warm ^ ^

Remember you're beautiful in your own unique way..cheers

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

cold but still colors for me~

I designed this plain collar shirt to a studded one... Manage to order few designing jewelry from bkk last week, and I finally manage to implement my ideas. ^ ^ To have my own studded collar top is something to be happy about..haha..I always wanted to try something like this. And yea.. I didn't forget the Bhutanese idea, I purposely made my jewelry on the collar ends look like coma with blue beats.. pretty impressive eh? ^_* 

oh please do excuse my awful braces..lolz.. well this outfit is can be worn during other seasons.. I purposely chosen this bright colors to make my cold feel more refreshing haha...   

For this look I chose to have a really red lip and a little exaggerated wing eyed and basic blush. And with the hair really need tie without a fall. I felt so clean..hahah.. ^ ^

well do check out my extensions..loving those long long wavys... ^ ^ 

Had my animal print thin belt up again to match up with my shoe and yes had it above my waist more better form to my whole look. you can clearly helps to show better waist lines and lifts up my height. :)

And ofcouse its cold right now... had my animal printed furry fur jacket on!! really warm! and perfect for this look! 

what I personally feel is..when you have too vibrant colors of outfits on, make up should be pretty blunt..and give one element a pop of color. like mine -red lip- ^ ^

 Beauty lies in your heart... be beautiful ^_^

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Black and printed and studded!

My off day from work!! well thought of posting up what I was wearing today :)
Ok..well I was embracing my wild side by wearing animal (leopard) printed shorts and studded leather jacket! I was all black and printed and studded today ^ ^

Haha..though the weather was pretty chilly but it wasn't that cold for me to wear this short. :P

 I always love accessorising... i'm wearing an ordinary necklace and peacock feather earring ♥
 high waist animal printed short with animal printed thin belt..wearing golden Indian styled ring

finally my shoe got shipped, I was waiting for this long time..haha... "showing off my new shoe" ^_* (wink)

I'm a less words person..hope my picture says it all about my outfit today ^ ^

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not!