Wednesday, November 14, 2012

cold but still colors for me~

I designed this plain collar shirt to a studded one... Manage to order few designing jewelry from bkk last week, and I finally manage to implement my ideas. ^ ^ To have my own studded collar top is something to be happy about..haha..I always wanted to try something like this. And yea.. I didn't forget the Bhutanese idea, I purposely made my jewelry on the collar ends look like coma with blue beats.. pretty impressive eh? ^_* 

oh please do excuse my awful braces..lolz.. well this outfit is can be worn during other seasons.. I purposely chosen this bright colors to make my cold feel more refreshing haha...   

For this look I chose to have a really red lip and a little exaggerated wing eyed and basic blush. And with the hair really need tie without a fall. I felt so clean..hahah.. ^ ^

well do check out my extensions..loving those long long wavys... ^ ^ 

Had my animal print thin belt up again to match up with my shoe and yes had it above my waist more better form to my whole look. you can clearly helps to show better waist lines and lifts up my height. :)

And ofcouse its cold right now... had my animal printed furry fur jacket on!! really warm! and perfect for this look! 

what I personally feel is..when you have too vibrant colors of outfits on, make up should be pretty blunt..and give one element a pop of color. like mine -red lip- ^ ^

 Beauty lies in your heart... be beautiful ^_^

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