Tuesday, November 20, 2012

cozy knits

"ok! lets not be shy..lets mix rustic sweaters with my dance floor ready bottoms!" this was my very first thought before I was trying on my sweater lolzzz.... you know as cold hits the city... I was like why not sweaters now! ^_^

I'm wearing the collar shirt I last accessorized with studs around the collar...loving it ^ ^
Lately i'm under medication..side effects--i'm becoming fat..LOLzz
I modified the front of the sweater giving it a lift and studding it around the edges..
wearing leather pants! seriously...readydance floor bottoms eh? lolz

red hand bag studded..perfecto!
bought this boot from Carlton London brand.. its air tight..keeps my feet warm ^ ^

Remember you're beautiful in your own unique way..cheers

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