Friday, November 30, 2012

Experimental with fashion

 I went out with sister yesterday, had a half day off from work. we came up with some experimental ideas on fashion, thought of trying out very vibrant colors on our outfit that day esp. since its winter..people normally don't wear vibrant colors during such cold weather... haha...but it was fun..going around a vastly different district of Paro valley... Experiments with fashion is always fun, when a girl can dream..everything is wearable!  ^_* 

Sister wore her black and yellow maxi with her very blue sweater.. I love the colors. ^ ^

And her animal printed shoe cute shoe..adorable.

we even tried on our heels ..since it had pop of blue and red.

but on our way out...I chose to have my shoe on...since our outing place was not suited for heels..."Rocks!" the heel killers!

having my blue belt on,,haha.. I felt like our experiment was pretty heavy..people started staring at us...I even felt like a clown at some point..haha..but I said when a girl can dream..everything is wearable!  ^_* yey! hehe....
I think this post is pretty special, it can indirectly direct to some people..who need to open up for who they are...don't be embarrassed  and never try to be someone for anybody. Be yourself. I'm not specialized for such talks..lolz  but just to relate to this post...if you love and respect yourself for who you are... everyone will.
A good heart is better than all the heads in the world ^_^  cheers!


  1. You certainly played fair with colours. It looks bright and attractive.


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