Tuesday, November 27, 2012

old school-mom inspired

I was going through my closet for a warm sweater, oh well guess what I found? saw my mom's old 90s hand knitted sweater..I remember her knitting it while I was in junior school..haha..And surprisingly I have it in my winter closet. Well thought why not try out old school look...the look where madona would rock those high waisted jean with some heppi headband and a top! haha...

wearing mom's hand knitted sweater..and self acessorised pink collar shirt and a haram high waisted kinda styled jean. got the jean from lee cooper...and the shoe! it's a wedge shoe with pretty laces around.

I thought of trying a high waisted half pants with it but then thought again..its winter..and cold...ewuff... :P

and second thought was a mini pletted skirts and thermal leggings..and I was like..naa..nothing can beat them jeans! hahaha..

haha.. i look so funny here.. trying to pose like the oldies fun time:P

Well with the hair, I had it curled with hair straighter using a pencil as a base, I personal chosed this method
so that the hair looked dead locked kinda, and gave it a soft touch of roll over my head and put up a polka-dot head band to hold..it kept me thinking grandtheft game..that guy have his scarf over his head like mine..haha...

this wedge shoe is pretty, and I love the fact that it got laces around.

I studded this collar like before, used some pearls and other jewellry to make it femine.

now now this is so boyish me..LOLZ...

to fit in old school..I tried on my huge circled glasses on..PINk! haha..

Love yourself..Love begins with you first! Cheers


  1. Sweater is in fashion at the moment in Australia. You just rocked your mom's sweater. Looking pretty!

  2. Oh..glad that I could do something with the sweater! ^_^
    thank you..


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