Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

neon with neutral colors

Knowing that winter calls for duller colors... But like always..such rules doesn't apply to me always, I have always been a color girl and will always be..haha. Well... here i'm wearing Neon. 
lately Neon colors seems to attract me, so I was like you know.. why not try it and share it. :)

A pop of neon to the shoe, a simple change in the shoe lace can bring a huge mix-match to your outfit. See! ^_^

wearing feather earrings..neon again ^_^

My make-up here is pretty simple, i wanted to give that feel of neon all over, so I tried on similar color eye shades giving it a longer and thicker winged and simple white mascara (I know white sounds little off than usual, but I preferred white for this look ), and very vibrant orange lip. ^_^ And with my hair I decided to give it a huge bounce/volume, so I just pumped /curled  it ^_^

You gotta check my DIY bracelet, L.o.v.e.  I thought it went pretty bad, but when I had it on, It wasn't that bad.. what do think ? ^_^

Another pop of neon to my purse. ^_^ Nice.. I was really excited to carry that..Brand or no brand..you know just a simple mix match and some creativity makes a perfect outfit. 

DIY bracelet, I manage to get some stainless wire and got some jump rings this time ^_^
And wala there I have my self made bracelet simple and plain.

The coat from Giordano, neon inner vest from miss-sixty, shoe-Litas and purse and pants-local brands ^_^

Always be positive--I believe in this theory. :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 12/12/12

Well well... happy 12/12/12 to celebrate with it..I have a post today...wearing very chic hairdo..got my sweater from Vero Moda. 
Gloves aren't history yet... i mean we are yet to take to wearing them on very cold or wet days and right now.its just the perfect time to have them on..Cold December! :)

Came up with a simple feminine hairdo. What do you think? my golden hippie head band worked out pretty good.

my latest purchase, an antique locket cum perfume case..I most preferred it as a locket. It look very old that my perfume won't last a min hahahah....but worth having. I loved the detailing on it ..it looked very Bhutanese.

The sweater is a little see through, so I wore a half jacket..its all fur furry..kept me warm all the time, Its always important to keep your back, neck , head and feet warm even if rest are a little exposed to the cold. ^_^

My photo-shoots with my lucy-la, It was one very fun time..haha...shes super active! kept pulling me around to play with her, I actually had to run a lot. haha..
oh..come to think of next time I shall make her a sweater too.

Sling Bag from Lacoste ^_^

Black Dr. Martens Boots :)
Happy 12/12/12 Be crazy..its never coming back!!! ^_^

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

over-sized sweater+printed thermal leggings

December...and the cold gets even harder...Well a warm oversized sweater and thermal leggings works nicely to beat those cold around. ^_^

I'm wearing my mom's  80s-90s oversized hand knitted sweater (again mom's ^_^)  with my printed thermal leggings...and to protect my feet from cold..I wore color blocked socks (perfectly matches up with my sweater)...and instead of boots.. I'm like why not heels!!

since the sweater is hand knitted, its pretty thick and heavy.. I look all bumped inside..but its really warm..and gives that wintery look ^_^

its winter and winter hats are must have! I'm wearing my all time favorite creamy pom beanie hat..
right now..the cold is making me curve for warmth...! ^_^

Had to take the shoots inside,  the cold made me stay in... :P
oh here I kept my make up neutral...eye gel liner, nude lip gloss and giving a peach blush is best for winter.

do ignore the backgrounds..haha..
well an advice..avoid styles that makes you look boxy and shapeless. A tapered and slim fit is ideal. This is pretty much why I chose to wear leggings under this really oversized sweater... makes my legs look longer and slimmer.. doesn't kill the style when you have to be all covered to prevent cold air from getting through.
If you don't like thick sized coats/sweaters well another best advice would be...layering your garments :) they will prevent the cold from getting through.

wearing a sock with heels...helps to beat the cold, urm.. wearing a pair of good woollen socks is better than wearing two cotton ones.
A hot cup of suja to celebrate this official winter :)

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.~ Martin Luther King Jr

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Beanie Hat

As requested DIY of the Beanie hat I wore last time....below shows how I made my beanie hat, its super easy and simple.

Use any sweater you don't want and start cutting them as show in the picture (I put up the pictures and numbered them so that it will be easier seen than said. ^_^)

make a Knot!! ^ ^ (this comes in the forehead later on)

sew or glue ( fabric glue ) through the black dashes I drew.
 Hope the pictures are clear to understand. follow the dashes I made and start sewing make sure the ends are not falling off ^ ^

fold it in semi circle and sew/glue the dashes shown.

finally..!!! its done.. Fold and sew if the edges seems to fall off ^ ^ make your  modification if necessary.