Sunday, December 2, 2012

Beanie Hat

As requested DIY of the Beanie hat I wore last time....below shows how I made my beanie hat, its super easy and simple.

Use any sweater you don't want and start cutting them as show in the picture (I put up the pictures and numbered them so that it will be easier seen than said. ^_^)

make a Knot!! ^ ^ (this comes in the forehead later on)

sew or glue ( fabric glue ) through the black dashes I drew.
 Hope the pictures are clear to understand. follow the dashes I made and start sewing make sure the ends are not falling off ^ ^

fold it in semi circle and sew/glue the dashes shown.

finally..!!! its done.. Fold and sew if the edges seems to fall off ^ ^ make your  modification if necessary.

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