Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 12/12/12

Well well... happy 12/12/12 to celebrate with it..I have a post today...wearing very chic hairdo..got my sweater from Vero Moda. 
Gloves aren't history yet... i mean we are yet to take to wearing them on very cold or wet days and right now.its just the perfect time to have them on..Cold December! :)

Came up with a simple feminine hairdo. What do you think? my golden hippie head band worked out pretty good.

my latest purchase, an antique locket cum perfume case..I most preferred it as a locket. It look very old that my perfume won't last a min hahahah....but worth having. I loved the detailing on it ..it looked very Bhutanese.

The sweater is a little see through, so I wore a half jacket..its all fur furry..kept me warm all the time, Its always important to keep your back, neck , head and feet warm even if rest are a little exposed to the cold. ^_^

My photo-shoots with my lucy-la, It was one very fun time..haha...shes super active! kept pulling me around to play with her, I actually had to run a lot. haha..
oh..come to think of next time I shall make her a sweater too.

Sling Bag from Lacoste ^_^

Black Dr. Martens Boots :)
Happy 12/12/12 Be crazy..its never coming back!!! ^_^


  1. hi chyunid m loving this look....n love the shoes btw following ur blog u can check out mine if intrested tho m new at it :)http://knaizor.blogspot.com/


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