Tuesday, December 18, 2012

neon with neutral colors

Knowing that winter calls for duller colors... But like always..such rules doesn't apply to me always, I have always been a color girl and will always be..haha. Well... here i'm wearing Neon. 
lately Neon colors seems to attract me, so I was like you know.. why not try it and share it. :)

A pop of neon to the shoe, a simple change in the shoe lace can bring a huge mix-match to your outfit. See! ^_^

wearing feather earrings..neon again ^_^

My make-up here is pretty simple, i wanted to give that feel of neon all over, so I tried on similar color eye shades giving it a longer and thicker winged and simple white mascara (I know white sounds little off than usual, but I preferred white for this look ), and very vibrant orange lip. ^_^ And with my hair I decided to give it a huge bounce/volume, so I just pumped /curled  it ^_^

You gotta check my DIY bracelet, L.o.v.e.  I thought it went pretty bad, but when I had it on, It wasn't that bad.. what do think ? ^_^

Another pop of neon to my purse. ^_^ Nice.. I was really excited to carry that..Brand or no brand..you know just a simple mix match and some creativity makes a perfect outfit. 

DIY bracelet, I manage to get some stainless wire and got some jump rings this time ^_^
And wala there I have my self made bracelet simple and plain.

The coat from Giordano, neon inner vest from miss-sixty, shoe-Litas and purse and pants-local brands ^_^

Always be positive--I believe in this theory. :)

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