Tuesday, December 4, 2012

over-sized sweater+printed thermal leggings

December...and the cold gets even harder...Well a warm oversized sweater and thermal leggings works nicely to beat those cold around. ^_^

I'm wearing my mom's  80s-90s oversized hand knitted sweater (again mom's ^_^)  with my printed thermal leggings...and to protect my feet from cold..I wore color blocked socks (perfectly matches up with my sweater)...and instead of boots.. I'm like why not heels!!

since the sweater is hand knitted, its pretty thick and heavy.. I look all bumped inside..but its really warm..and gives that wintery look ^_^

its winter and winter hats are must have! I'm wearing my all time favorite creamy pom beanie hat..
right now..the cold is making me curve for warmth...! ^_^

Had to take the shoots inside,  the cold made me stay in... :P
oh here I kept my make up neutral...eye gel liner, nude lip gloss and giving a peach blush is best for winter.

do ignore the backgrounds..haha..
well an advice..avoid styles that makes you look boxy and shapeless. A tapered and slim fit is ideal. This is pretty much why I chose to wear leggings under this really oversized sweater... makes my legs look longer and slimmer.. doesn't kill the style when you have to be all covered to prevent cold air from getting through.
If you don't like thick sized coats/sweaters well another best advice would be...layering your garments :) they will prevent the cold from getting through.

wearing a sock with heels...helps to beat the cold, urm.. wearing a pair of good woollen socks is better than wearing two cotton ones.
A hot cup of suja to celebrate this official winter :)

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.~ Martin Luther King Jr

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