Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Army + Bhutanese boots combo

Happy new year to all the viewers :)
Had a good new year start I hope? well, for me..it was a blast I must say..haha..had a great time.. 
well today I wanted to do a post on  the new trend alert, the military army prints are in lately, and I just happen to make myself one..infact design one for myself  ^_^  (apart from my finger getting seriously injured).. getting army prints material is really hard out here in Bhutan, but I had someone who was kind enough to give me the material piece for free. ^_^

I wanted to try mix-match with Bhutanese boots (tsho-Lham), I personally went and selected and put up my self liking's to the designs and ordered it from the scratch. Lovely!! :)

My old high school friend came to celebrate her new year with me ,so we went out for a small picnic and at the same time she helped me out with the photo-shoots, thanks to her.

I studded around the shoulder and collar sides. :)

I made the flower headband...thought of giving this army look a feminine touch , haha I totally like doing something different.. Hoping I pull it off well....:P

a locket (owl)



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