Saturday, January 19, 2013

white snow

It snowed today..yey!! I was so excited to see the first snow in Paro Bhutan, it had been four years that I'vent experienced snow fall..and now that I'm home..I'm psyched! haha.. Well no off-day although it snowed but my working hours been great today, I and my friends...the snow fight was legendary..lolz..haha...ok.. now coming to this post..well this post is basically 'cuz of the snow, I thought I should take this chance and take some nice shoots in the snow before it belts off :)

I'm wearing this really edgy and sophisticated white mini dress, I just love how it give solid structure.

The glass is inspired from John Lennon,  :) 

I love how the dress have its own acessorized neckline...and I love those tri-angled shapes around.

Paro is beautiful place. :)
Love those high heeled boots I recently bought, Its really comfy and best for both winter and summer.. :)

Be You..


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