Friday, February 8, 2013

Giveaway :)

a very small one year old anniversary (fb page) giveaway from my small (boutique) collection that I have managed to make, I hope I was able to reach to your expectations, I wanted to make some garments but the sizes were some issues.. well hoping to see you all take part in my first giveaway :) P.S I have all my personal touch in it..and I manged to sell out a couple of few too. ^_^ 
and I made a matching head band, I used stainless steel wire inside and its very safe :) I used the laces as well.

To join this giveaway :
1. LIKE my FB page:
2. Join/sign up at
3. follow me at twitter /instagram -chyunid
4. Like and share my giveaway album and comment "lets play!"
5. *Comment your name at my giveaway album.

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  1. hey !!!! like im one of yur constant liker so plzz i wld love to have that one , Facebook url & also i did everything yu told me to . Followed yu on twitter , shared it & also liked yur blog :)


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