Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Now where shall I begin.., I just got back from my work and its been really hot-sunny out here. My nature of work is pretty harsh on my skin..I have to stay out in the heat and wind and all, which make it really difficult for me to take-care. I do try to avoid the direct sun rays as far as possible but at the end of the day I can see how my skins have started to feel the burns. I was like how do I avoid that? I did try on few sunblocks but its wasn't as effective as I wanted...and than I tried on Promina ginseng extract cream, its thick base seems more durable than any other sun blocks.. ^ ^ Just a share of my observation. ^_^ any recommendations? do comment :)

well finally some skirts to wear, its spring and the place is all warmed up. I wanted to wear something sweet to go with the peach and cheery blossoms. 

playing with the wind! haha

I like the skirt..its little different than my normal wears, halved see through. I'm wearing all local brands here..A local designer in bkk who sold out her :) I hope to do that soon..I'm working on my designs, hoping for positive response.

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.-Herman Melville

Monday, March 25, 2013

Paro Tsechu portfolio

Hey guys, I know its been quite some time without a post update.. my dutys been keeping me preoccupied but like I last mentioned on my Facebook page  that I will be attending Paro Tshechu today..lucky that my off day happen to fall on the same day ^_^  well I thought of making a small portfolio on my short visit to Paro Tsechu festival. So following below you will see some of my favorite pictures of the day including some lovely dresses people wore.

The way up to the field..all set to watch the cham dances ( mask dances)  and check out some awesome designs of kiras and ghos. :)

wow..I had to squeeze in to see the mask dances... but worth!

From left a lovely elderly couple with matched up! and a middle aged women in her best of orange combo blue kira and last the rich yellow seshu kira. ^ ^

I wanted to ask them what they were wearing and stuff..but these girls were really soft and shy..I was like..I love your kira..urm a picture please ^_^ ahh..lucky that they agreed.

I met him on my way back..he smiled at me all the time..haha I personally think he rocked the festive mood today..he wore that flashy gho which prove fashion sees no age! ^_^ way to go you agay! :P

well,  I happen to meet one of our Bhutanese actress Ms. Tandin Bidha.. she was kind enough to agree a picture with me.  Well, I love how she used the pop of neon with the whites all over..lovely sense of style there.. and color blocking with kira and wonju..pretty impressive!
Finally I met these fine lovely ladies.. all dressed up for this really festive day!!

Check out the jewelry!! elderly pulling off their jewels ^ ^

 met this little kid..we kinda became friends ^_^
 Prayer wheel inside ^ ^
 on my way down..came across a mini shop..they were selling plenty of hand made stuffs ..which caught my eyes.. I love antique..handcrafts that have that Bhutanese touch.

 and I met these layap ladies..she insisted me to try on one of her hats.. pretty cool!! I couldn't help but take a snap with them ^_^ lovely..

I love Bhutan! ^_^ 

bhutanese bamboo bangchung
handmade plate (bangchung) from bamboo.

well these are my selective pictures I uploaded.. I hope you guys enjoyed my small portfolio ^_^
Have a great time!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY spike studded back heels

Hey guys..I thought of showing you one of my DIY today, I was clearing out my shoe collections and I found few of my old pairs, which made me realize that I haven't had them on for ages. Well, I was like why not try giving it a change. ^_^ I choose this two pink shaded heels since spring season is all about sweet colors.

well check out how I achieved my spike studded back heels, things you require are show below.

This is how it originally looked!

 Studs (any colors-silver/bronzes/gold) I used gold and to stick I used hot-glue gun.
Well I measured the height of the heel and divided them equally and glued the studs equally spaced. And that's it! ^_^ Super simple isn't?

 I'm loving how it looks now, I'm actually starting to wear this shoe again :P

I hope this post give you some ideas on how to change your old pairs to something new and flashy, instead of throwing them creative!! Cheers!!!

Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful-Taylor Swift

Monday, March 18, 2013

Pencil skirt

Hey guys, how is it going? I'm over with my last updates on 'meow meow' cat fever.. hahaha...but my Bhutanese heart is and will always be alive ^ ^ so a Bhutanese lady post up! Now I have this a very simple design to show you guys ^ ^  As you know I have always liked bringing up my touch of Bhutanese in most of my outfits..I get the feel of belonging-ness and my daily outfit becomes more personalized (Just the way I love it).

Well this very lady like pencil skirt is made from the left over kira piece of my last designed Bhutanese top The size came out pretty big for me but its going into my boutique..hopefully customers like it. ^ ^

I added a gaychoe (Not sure about the spelling) tego piece at both the sides of the skirt rather than having it all same piece.

After exchange of words with my viewers..I get lot of of them is "where would I wear the outfit..?" well before anyone ask me about this post, let me jot here; OK, this outfit is pretty Lady sophisticated feminism look and you can wear this casual outfit in around dinner with your co-workers or some evening out with friends. I'd wear for my company's dinner or maybe when out with my girlfriends ^_^ 

A very sophisticated multicolored lady heel from Christian Siriano for Payless. lovely ribbon detailed in the front.. You should check out  Christain's gold collections ..amazing!! I'm saving up to get one soon :)

and yea around 6 inch to 8' of cut from back. ^ ^
styl3 is a way to say who you are without having to say.- Rachel Zoe

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meow! I'ma Cat Girl

Cat inspiration fashion
I drew this on photoshop CS4, pretty ok ..purrr!
cat inspiration shirt

Meow! Meow!
Now where do I begin? well, I'ma dog person but never-the-less cats are one of my favorite pets as well (=^..^=) I was going through some spring issues of 2009 by Mui Mui, where Mui Mui showed-down the cat prints down the runway for spring 2010. Back than I wasn't so fond of cat prints or any animal prints. However while I was google-ling through Mui Mui cat prints, I happen to find out Zara had similar prints infact its a 'Mui Mui inspired' cat print. Now this year 2013 I couldn't really get a obscure idea if any spring collection are up with cat prints..but I've noticed  cat-themed fashion are popular in Japan street fashions..its a totally yes! for them ^_^

Today I decided to do a 'cat girl' -a cat inspiration- post, which eventually  made me wonder how real 'Cat Ladies' are..? So with this zeal to know I started my research marathon..and I ended up reading "The Cat Lady chic" and Cat Fashion in Japan. well if you're a cat should know you can be a friend of a fur and still be on trend.

I saw this really cute kitten heels online..I love it. Check Here

I match up my cat prints shirt with my crossed printed legging and spiky litas heel (heart it). And not to forget my two cute little eared ( looks like kitten's) s black hat.

I wanted to take my photos on the couch..since cats are so found of sitting/sleeping on couch. They love soft couches..haha..I wanted to replicate their acts in this post.

wearing my next level of cats--Lions/tigers..its a lion headed silver ring :). I happen to see this really cute Persian cat ring..I wanna get one. I've got the link saved-->Persian Cat ring

see through laces at the back.. :)

 cross printed legging.
spiky lita heel.
Just read :: I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed. These things, to me, are expressions of love.-James Herriot

Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains un-awakened.-Anatole France