Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bhutanese and studded

Fashion Bhutanese fusion hat

Hey there lovies, I just got back from my work...gosh! my duty is taking a toll over me! I had to report around 5:30am , and guess what? got there just to find out that after my morning hour duty..I had to wait like six hours till my next flight to arrive..gosh ..I hated waiting like that.  However I managed to work on few new designs (on paper ofcourse)..well come to think of..the long boring break turned out quite useful eh? hehe..well I hope to start implementing them around next week. :) Excit3d!

 Fashion Bhutanese fusion

While I was driving back home my excitement to start updating my blog was -don't ask-! haha...Well here I worked out a simple collar top from a kira piece, I didn't tailor it this time..Its pretty sad that I don't get time to sit under my sewing machine and work on my babes but anyhow I studded the collar after getting it tailored. I bought the studs from bkk on my last visit on January.

Fashion Bhutanese fusion

To match up with my fedora hat, I used the left over kira piece to use as its ribbon/buckle belt around fedora :)
Fashion Bhutanese fusion

White or off white pants! Trust me now that the season has changed and with the weather must have a white pant in your closet! its fresh, its attractive..its lively.. White is the color of spring or summer. THE WHITE TREND IN ACTION INDEED!

A thought I want to share:
I was reading through some fashion magazine sites..I noticed that people -particularly the girls-they get really self conscious when it comes to their figure or sizes...I was like if you follow what the fashion world says..everyone would look same! I mean wouldn't it be boring if everyone looked exactly the same?? I felt like sharing this thoughts with you guys..lets enjoy being matter what sizes or shapes you're ..You're Beautiful!

studded bhutanese style DIY

Prada heel

I bought this lovely darker orange chocolate colored heels from Prada

Fashion Bhutanese fusion

Wouldn't it be boring if everyone looked exactly the same? lets enjoy being matter what sizes or shapes you're ..You're Beautiful Cheers!!!


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