Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY spike studded back heels

Hey guys..I thought of showing you one of my DIY today, I was clearing out my shoe collections and I found few of my old pairs, which made me realize that I haven't had them on for ages. Well, I was like why not try giving it a change. ^_^ I choose this two pink shaded heels since spring season is all about sweet colors.

well check out how I achieved my spike studded back heels, things you require are show below.

This is how it originally looked!

 Studs (any colors-silver/bronzes/gold) I used gold and to stick I used hot-glue gun.
Well I measured the height of the heel and divided them equally and glued the studs equally spaced. And that's it! ^_^ Super simple isn't?

 I'm loving how it looks now, I'm actually starting to wear this shoe again :P

I hope this post give you some ideas on how to change your old pairs to something new and flashy, instead of throwing them off..be creative!! Cheers!!!

Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful-Taylor Swift

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