Monday, March 4, 2013

Duo Post- Lets' PunK our BoWs!

sister fashion bhutan

Hey guys, hows it going? ^ ^ well today off from work so I thought why not put up something different than usual, yes! A Duo-post! with my sister..well, made up a lovely big back bow belt  and a back bowed mini skirt from kira pieces that were left un-attendant like months...lolz..I always like making use of things that are no longer needed. Well hopping this post gives you some ideas that we intended. :)

some necklace :)
bow belt

while making hug bows, unless the material is strong enough to form that hard solid bow structure it can get pretty messy while trying to maintain that I used a stainless very thin 0.8mm thick wire to lock that shape from inside it stays firm and prevents any unnecessary folds or falls ^_^

Used one whole material to form the bow cum basically they are connected.

so sis with her finished look, the cute bow goes at back and now she looks more like Japanese styled. I gave her that hair cut..well I do hair cuts :P what do you think ?

black fashion

Now this mini skirt bow is also one piece made, its pretty simple I didn't really have to use any sewing.

neck lace

wearing my multi colored neckpiece ^ ^

black bhutanese fashion

its very simple and basic, anyone can make it..I just simply implemented in concrete. ^ ^ 

 crosses at back..when I first saw it in a store I was like.."nice!" well got my hands on them.. 

You're beautiful no matter what size or shape you're... Cheers!

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