Saturday, March 2, 2013

Orange on B or Black on O

Hey guys, It's march already...and its heating up here in Paro..I'm getting pretty psyched for spring..summer!!  well, staring my spring post updates.. ^_^ I hope to bring up better ideas..oh and I know I should have been posting up my designs..I'm just not done with some little detailing.. I hope to finish it after a week, Till than I'll be posting up on few of my daily outfits as usual ^_^  Well, today lucky me not much work at office , I got home by 8.30am.. :)))  so a time for my post update!

high-low skirt

I'm wearing high-low pleated skirt and laced detailed black crop top blouse/croset.

croset/blouse/crop top

I'm not wearing any high class brands here, all local stores. Its more challenging to make the style stand out and capture that glamour. I believe in having and carrying out my own style no matter what brand or no brands I wear ^_^ its true that I can't effort every brands..haha..but than why not be creative yea? 


ah babes!! yey! haha.. I love how comfy these are.

glass/eye wear/accessories

up again with my acessorises, I'm wearing a very antique styled necklace and a detailed gold colored brace-late.  For this look, I have changed my hair-do ..a little different  like I always like.. what do you think? A little wet look over but dry at the ends ^ ^

I have always concentrated more on my photoshoots, I try every possibility to get a different look and different venue for my shoots :) I get this crazy ideas in my head.. and I have still plenty to do... Keep looking forward...  "My hobby is my obsession"


While I was going through the pictures..I realized I didn't take any snaps without the shades...haha...silly.. But just to let you guys know for this look, my make-up is very spring spring..I used shimmering white and gold shadows..and finishing with black angled winged eye. (hope you get that picture in your head :P)

fashion update

Orange on Black or Black on Orange!!

 "The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy."— Yves Saint-Laurent


  1. How did you get the sleek hair look? Love these shots.

    1. Diksha..I used hair foams to make it sleek ^_^

  2. I would totally wear this outfit. Awesome combination.

  3. I like you blog in this you use your photographs ??
    why you don't and fb twitter fanbox for your blog

    1. thank you ..thanks for your suggestion...I have actually ^_^


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