Monday, March 25, 2013

Paro Tsechu portfolio

Hey guys, I know its been quite some time without a post update.. my dutys been keeping me preoccupied but like I last mentioned on my Facebook page  that I will be attending Paro Tshechu today..lucky that my off day happen to fall on the same day ^_^  well I thought of making a small portfolio on my short visit to Paro Tsechu festival. So following below you will see some of my favorite pictures of the day including some lovely dresses people wore.

The way up to the field..all set to watch the cham dances ( mask dances)  and check out some awesome designs of kiras and ghos. :)

wow..I had to squeeze in to see the mask dances... but worth!

From left a lovely elderly couple with matched up! and a middle aged women in her best of orange combo blue kira and last the rich yellow seshu kira. ^ ^

I wanted to ask them what they were wearing and stuff..but these girls were really soft and shy..I was like..I love your kira..urm a picture please ^_^ ahh..lucky that they agreed.

I met him on my way back..he smiled at me all the time..haha I personally think he rocked the festive mood today..he wore that flashy gho which prove fashion sees no age! ^_^ way to go you agay! :P

well,  I happen to meet one of our Bhutanese actress Ms. Tandin Bidha.. she was kind enough to agree a picture with me.  Well, I love how she used the pop of neon with the whites all over..lovely sense of style there.. and color blocking with kira and wonju..pretty impressive!
Finally I met these fine lovely ladies.. all dressed up for this really festive day!!

Check out the jewelry!! elderly pulling off their jewels ^ ^

 met this little kid..we kinda became friends ^_^
 Prayer wheel inside ^ ^
 on my way down..came across a mini shop..they were selling plenty of hand made stuffs ..which caught my eyes.. I love antique..handcrafts that have that Bhutanese touch.

 and I met these layap ladies..she insisted me to try on one of her hats.. pretty cool!! I couldn't help but take a snap with them ^_^ lovely..

I love Bhutan! ^_^ 

bhutanese bamboo bangchung
handmade plate (bangchung) from bamboo.

well these are my selective pictures I uploaded.. I hope you guys enjoyed my small portfolio ^_^
Have a great time!


  1. Thank you for the impressive and splendor pictures.
    I had joyful and glamorous time looking at your captivated picture. Thank you.

  2. WOW...lovely pictures...Wonderful work done la...Makes me realize how wonderful our country is, thanx for reminding..Keep up da gud wrk!

    1. thanks you so much..glad to hear such comments.. :)

  3. way to go girl. Authentic pictures.

  4. Wow, it's almost 3 years since I was at Paro Tsechu & it's interesting to see the change in fashions during that time. Fluoros have definitely hit Bhutan!

  5. Hi! Thanks for the nice colourful photos! We'll be in Bhutan this April and can't wait to see the Paro Tsechu!

    1. sure..thank you for dropping by..Enjoy Paro Tsechu 2014 ^^

  6. Gorgeous work and awesome pics of the festival,love the way uve captured the beautiful display of culture out there! Though iam from Pakistan and live in Dubai,i jes love Bhutan and its culture!


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